Meet Trivoda

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Why We Chose Digital

How long can you live without water? Not for long, that’s for sure. Likewise in business, there are just some things you can not live without. We see our service offerings as just the right amount of water to satisfy your thirst.

Now you may ask why Trivoda? why water? Well! We are so astound by the universal applications of water that we made it an essential part of our brand story. Yes, we are that deep!

Triangle: Alchemist symbol for water

Voda: Czech word for water

Some of Our Digital Solutions

If you haven’t heard about us, you should at least have come across one of our solutions or digital products.

Ekele Abel

Founder / Creative Direction

Godson Ukpere

Co-founder / Technology

Gideon Idachaba

Business Strategy

Kenneth Okonkwo

New Business

Tosin Ado

Digital Strategy

Femi Alabede

Art Direction

Aribisala Ayodeji

Project Management

Felix Awolola

Graphics & UI Design

Where We Come From.

Born in the year 2010, we began with a daring desire to impact the world in ways we knew best. We wanted to innovate & create solutions that disrupt the norm. Several years later, little has changed about this desire, our torch is still lit with inextinguishable flame.

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Where We Are Going To.

Since inception, we have never compromised on the quality of our service offerings. We want to take the values that drive us to do great work beyond borders. We only want to affiliate & work with partners who desire to own the future.

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